Curse of the Relictors: A Warhammer 40k Campaign

The Relictor's Fortress Monastery -the Sky-Fortress- hung above yet another Plague World on the fringes of the Eye of Terror. This time the Relictors removed the cancer, and now the fires of exterminatus rage across the planet surface. Another plague factory destroyed: another series of vile, repugnant daemon instruments to study and turn towards the good of humanity.

In the command room of the Monastery Chapter Master Artekus Bardane and Inquisitor DeMarche view the conclusion of years work plays out in a fiery inferno below.

"Servitor! Play sensor recording of Plague Fleet Withdrawal." DeMarche barked.

The projection flickers showing the planet, and the retreating Plague Fleet. Strike Cruisers move to pursue them, but the diseased chaff from the damaged Death Guard vessels makes it almost impossible.

"There! Stop it there!" DeMarche's gaunlet circles a the Plague Fleet as they drop from reality and back into the warp. "The Terminus Est and her fleet take a different trajectory. Breaking away from the main fleet."

"Typhus retreats. He had no reason to support the Lord's of Decay this far from the Front Lines any ways." Artekus' disinterest was clear in his tone.

"But why was Typhus here in the first place?" DeMarche challenged. "Resupplying I bet. He could be travelling to another factory."

Artekus' eyes flashed with understanding... Only a select few of the chapter knew this, but the Relictors were slowly succumbing to the corruption of Nurgle. A disease withers away at the heart of the monastery itself: the results of experimental warp engine enhancements found in the Eye of Terror. The raids on Plague Planets had of course been for the good of Humanity: to aid them against the outbreak of the Death Guard across galaxy. However, the Relictors' goal was ultimately more selfish. Their own chapter was slowly crumbling before them, and they must find a means of stopping the warp plagues or be damned by them.

"Open a channel to the fleet." Artekus ordered. The Tech Marines skilfully configure the vox and the Chapter Master's voice booms into the Caster.

"All Ships issue the first round of warp plague vaccinations, and begin searching the wreckage. Computers, Records, anything that will tell us why Typhus was here..."

"Sir" One of the tech marines over seeing operations interrupts. "Librarian Decario is on the vox. He reports he already has the information you are looking for."

Artekus snapped his fingers and the visage of Librarian Decario replaces the replay of the escaping fleet.

"Chapter Master, Inquisitor." Decario bows slightly to each in turn before continuing. "I have taken the liberty of salvaging one of the Terminus Est's escorts that we crippled. Fighting was intense but the vaccinations were effective and we were able to secure the vessels navigational records. Their fleet is heading towards an Eldar controlled system on the edge of the Eye. My Tech Priests tell me it is rumoured to be a stronghold guarding a Warp Gate."

The command room on the fortress fell silent. A Warp Gate, assuming it functioned would be a treasurer beyond measure. Artekus and DeMarche exchange looks... This wasn't what they were after, but a relic of such power was too tempting a prize.

"Decario. Assemble a reconnaissance fleet, follow the Terminus Est, and determine if these rumours are true. We will await your report and follow with the Sky-Fortress when you have secured a foot hold. End transmission."

The image of Decario fades from the projector, replaced again by the live image of the Plague Planet burning.  Its surface slowly sanctified by fire: washed of the filth and corruption that festered so deep within its core.

"Ready the Fortress to jump. We can linger here no longer: we have more Plague Worlds to Raid." Artekus turned, bracing himself against the Sky-Fortress' console, as the warp engine's fire.

From the bridge of his Strike Cruiser Decario watched as the Monastery slipped into the Warp, and Turned to one of the Tech Priests who stood beside him.

"Signal the 10th company. The Hunt is on."

That's right guys! JADE is starting a story based Warhammer 40k campaign!

Played over three acts we will follow the Relictors as they follow the Death Guard around the galaxy seeking a cure for their hidden daemonic infection and looting the battlefields in their wake.

There will be a ton of different scenarios that will test the limits our tabletop! So more terrain, more battlefields, and more battles to come as we duke it out with Space Marines, Death Guard, Eldar, Orks and many more in both Warhammer 40k and Battlefleet Gothic!

Follow along and see how the campaign unfolds!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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