Goblin Wolf Riders

These 15mm Goblin Wolf Riders are gorgeous! made by Mirliton miniatures and from the same set as the Goblin Archers from a few weeks prior. Great sculpts, that really make the party look like they are charging ahead.

In JADE's Hymns of a Vagabond campaign; the goblins are coming. We have sported hordes coming through a long forgotten and unguarded pass in the thousands. And of course some of those guys are riding wolfs.

We have a nice split between swords and spears between our wolf riders, meaning that we can have our choice of engagements... Or of course just unleash all four of them.

We even have a few choices of armour for these guys ranging from the chain mailed leader, the leather bound spearmen, and this guy... who is wearing a sack... or something.

I was asked specifically by the DM to get 1 of these wolf riders painted for next game. So I really hope I am not tempting fate by preparing all 4.

Well, I get to find out what happens tonight with these figures in Hymns of a Vagabond Game 13. And let's hope this isn't the last.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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  1. Can I purchase these in the USA? They look stunning!