Damn Mimics!

A monster so classic in Dungeons and Dragons it is almost a cliché no campaign is complete without one encounter with a Mimic, and these 15mm versions from Splintered Light Miniatures do a fantastic job at representing them on the table top.

I have already thrown them into JADE's 2nd ed AD&D Campaign Arachnophobia as a chance encounter, they stumbled upon, and in truth... When I placed the bookshelf and the chest down, Dave called immediately that they were about to face a mimic. With my hand revealed, as the DM I had one more trick up my sleeve... Only of of them was a mimic, the other was a normal bookshelf/chest.

They chose poorly and the bookshelf sprung to life.

Thankfully I rolled so poorly during this encounter that my party came away with barley a scratch. I will get someone next time.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

Damn Mimics! Damn Mimics! Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 12/26/2016 01:35:00 pm Rating: 5

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