The Gray Ooze

While these three minis from Splintered Light miniatures were clearly meant to represent 3 different oozes/slimes, I needed 3 Gray Oozes for an encounter, so gray all 3 became.

Of course in the end I only needed 2 Oozes, but the deed was done, and I am sure they will get used for something.

Jeff's Character Godfric in Half-Orc Super Heroes was actually rendered unconscious by these creatures, as his months in captivity and regular beatings had taken their toll on his body. Luckily his partner the Gnome Thaddeus was able to rescue him.

So they have served their purpose as a small in game encounter... And what Jeff doesn't know is that there are more of them in the sewers his character Godfric calls home.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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