The Prussian Sky Fortress

Back in 2014 I purchsaed this Dystopian Wars Prussian Sky Fortress on Jeff's behalf from the Toronto Fan Expo. They guy selling it told me that he was planning on getting rid of the rest of his inventory since no one was really playing it. And to prove him right, I brought it home and it has sat on my shelf for the past 26 months.

Well we have started looking at our Dystopian Wars minis again, and I finished this fantastic looking Zeppelin mini.

A few years back, Jeff and I made an agreement that I could hold on to his Prussian fleet assuming I finished painting and followed his purple and black colour scheme. Purple wouldn't have been my first choice, but I think it works pretty well.

Jeff has wanted this Sky Fortress for a while, especially after the effectiveness of tiny flyers was demonstrated... In at least the first edition of the the rules... And everyone scrambled to get aircraft carriers. It was an interesting microcosm of an arms race.

Well we basically stopped playing after the September of 2014, but recently we have been trying to revive it. Fingers crossed that the guys will have time to finish something up themselves.

In the mean I get to gawk and such an awesome model, and something that was a real treat to paint!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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