15mm Goblin Archers

The Goblin War is coming in JADE's 1st ed AD&D Campaing hymns of a Vagabond, and that means I need tons of Goblin minis to handle the battles, and the eventual escalation towards using the Battle System.

These Goblin Archers are from Mirliton Miniatures and are the first minis from them I have painted in the 15mm scale. I must say I am impressed with the quality.

i don;t know what it is about these guys, but somethign about there design reminds me of the 70's. they are a little taler then what the modern concept of a goblin is, and maybe they are just reminding me of older minis for days yonder.

Maybe they are reminding me of the Orcs from Ralph Bakshi's animated Lord of the Rings from 1978. I can't quite put my figure on it.

Either way i know they will be an important figure on the table, and I have even already used them in a game. Although I confess I painted them for Game 12 of Hymns of a vagabond, so I suspected as much.

Now with winter coming in that campaign, these guys might be slightly under dressed. But what can I do, I doubt they make 15mm Arctic Goblins.

I am sure I will eventually need more than 8 of these guys but for now they will have to do. See them in Hymns of a Vagabond game 13, where we try and storm a goblin stronghold.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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