Nigel the Porter and his Mule Daisy

In Game 4 of Arachnophobia the group met Nigel the porter who offered his services and that of his mule to the party for a modest fee. However, my group wasn't all that interested in taking Nigel along with them, and wanted to buy the mule.

Nigel refused explaining that he was in fact very attached to his mule, and when asked to name a price gave the outrageous figure of 200gp. The porter explained that they would be taking away his only source of income, and he would need that much money to get a fresh start. But the group read something else into it.

They all felt that he was far to attached to his mule, and figured he was... Abusing it. And of course (since this Dungeons and Dragons after all) they have been plotting to steal the mule ever since.

Other then a few inquiries, they haven't made any moves yet, but with them fleeing the small village of Remfeld in the night, I am sure they will make attempt it soon. It shouldn't be too hard to steal from a sleeping farm village.

Of course I painted Nigel thinking that they would welcome a porter along with them. Who wants to carry their own stuff after all? However, since I am always prepared I do have a 15mm mule on its own, so I will also have to get that ready as well.


Written by: Andrew Gregory
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