15mm Cowboys

When we started playing Steve Jackson's Generic Universal Role Playing System (GURPS) using the Old West setting, we realised pretty quickly that we needed some miniatures on the table.

Gun combat was simply too fast and deadly and we really needed something to accurately account for distance, cover, position etc. I have had my eye on these cowboys from Blue Moon Manufacturing for a while now, and I finally had an excuse to snag them.

This guy is my favourite because he is obviously based on Clint Eastwood's character from A Fist Full of Dollars, For a Few More Dollars, and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

This fellow is the soon-to-be Sheriff "Quick-Draw" Willy. Dave's character in the first game we ever played. He really is fast with a pistol.

The main villain in Dave's game was this fellow: Texas Red. Just like the Marty Robbins Song. Though, since "Quick-Draw Willy's six gun was so fast, he didn't actually rob him and only had one of his henchmen shot.

One of "Quick-Draw" Willy's comrades: Daniel Mayer. The two of which survived a gun fight with the corrupted sheriff and the deputies of their small town.

This scared looking fellow is Silas Tanner: A priest who's stage coach was attacked by bandits while crossing New Mexico. This was my cousin Adam's character for his first game.

The main villain in Adam's first adventure is the outlaw known only as "El Diablo" I am sure we will have more adventures where Silas Tanner and El Diablo meet.

Adam's character Silas survived his adventure, but he did not save the woman kidnapped by El Diablo, and the Southern Gentleman who offered to assist him (above) was killed in the process. A sad day.

I am sure more Wild West adventures are in store, and of course that means more minis soon to come.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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