#Characteroftheday Dice News

Hi Everybody,

Yesterday afternoon we officially sold out of the first run of the #characteroftheday dice. I first want to thank anyone who bought a set; we could not have imagined such an overwhelmingly positive response.

To anyone who still wants a set - don't worry, we are restocking. The second run of #characteroftheday dice have been ordered and we will have more available in a few weeks. So sit tight, you can still get yours!

Since everyone is wanting to know, I can definitely say that yes we are making the the 5th Edition sets and they will be available early next year.  We will have more announcements on that in a few weeks, but I can say that they will be totally compatible with 5th ed Dungeons and Dragons and that they will be larger then the current #characteroftheday set.

We will put out an announcement as soon as we have more #characteroftheday dice and more news to give you. Thanks for waiting!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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  1. Can you put us on a waiting list for both sets?

  2. :::taps foot::::
    :::fidgets impatiently::::
    I NEED THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!!

  3. Any update on the 5th edition sets?

  4. The dice are back in stock, and the 5th edition set was released recently. Go check them out on the store! :)