Max Flailer

Whether or not that is his real name, Max Flailer joined the Arachnophobia party in game 6 and even managed to travel back in time with Thomas the Chronomancer within moment of meeting him. Needless to say Max's time with the party would be a tumultuous one.

His addition to the group brought the party up to nine members, five of which were player characters. This was a feat that wouldn't be accomplished again until many games later, but his time with the group was short lived.

It took me forever to find a 15mm guy with a Flail, who wasn't on horse back or wearing Full Plate Mail. What I needed was a peasant with a flail, and though Max Flailer in game had nothing but the clothing on his back and a flail, the best I could do was this fellow in a Kettle Hat from 15mm Co... Which is now called Alternative Armies... The mini I actually ordered only had a fabric cap on, but I honestly didn't feel like quibbling over something that cost $2.

And So Max Flailer joined the party, lasting for no longer than the first encounter of game 7, in no less than 2 separate timelines. So Characters just aren't meant to be.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

P.S. After his death at the hands of an Owl Bear, the guys kept Max Flailer's flail as a party item until it was lost during the Penkurth Massacre. However, the players went back in time to the beginning of the Arachnophobia campaign, and during this time around, they never actually encountered Max. So in Theory he is still out there. And who knows... He might pop up some day.

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