Plague Marine Squad 3

I was able to scrounge a full three squads of Plague Marines from my old minis, and for the third I made them a little more "close combat" oriented.

A third standard Plague Marine Aspiring Champion mini. I really like the sculpt. Goo

For the special weapons option, I went with a flamer, great weapon for close quarters combat. Also the Plague Marine flamer looks incredible.

There was a time when the only Plague Marine Standard bearer you could get was the old sculpt. I like the new sculpts better, but I was always a little disappointed they got rid of the pointed helmets. Good thing Forge World Brought them back! (a painted squad coming soon)

The final Plague Marine Havoc Squad Aspiring Champion got reduced to a simple line man. I really have no idea why I had so many of these guys. Was I really running three havoc squads at one point?

This last guy is holding one of the old bolters. They were skinnier, and the new sculpt was definitely an improvement.

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