Andrew's Central Powers Planes

Like my Allied Planes, I also have a lot of central powers planes, though perhaps my collection is not quite as diverse, I did try to grab as many of the different plane types as I could, from both Germany, Austria and the Ottoman Empire... not that there was a huge amount of difference.

I have 18 Central Powers Fighters. From left to right and top to bottom I have a Hansa-Bradenburg D.I (Austrian), and Albatross D.V a Fokker DVI, a Phonix D.II (Austrian), a Fokker E.III, a Fokker D.II, a Fokker D.VII a Second Fokker E.III a Fokker Dr1, a Pfalz XIII, a Third Fokker E.III (Ottoman) a Second Fokker Dr1, a Second Fokker D.II an Albatross DII a Pfalz D.III, a Second Fokker D.VII, a Siemens-Shuckert D.IV and Junkers D.I.

I did each of the insignia by hand, and as you can see, I got better as time progressed.

In terms of bombers, I have a Gotha G.IV, a Junkers CL.1 a Hannover CL.III a Roland C.II, a Halberstadt CL.II, an L.V.G. VI, and a Rumpler Taube.
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