Memories of Ivershill: An Explosive End

Game Master: Andrew
Game Edition: AD&D 1st Ed
Players: Jeff, Elijah and Matt
Starting Level: 3
Current Level:3


Since Ivershill is a one off campaign, rather then doing a write up of each ridiculous night, I had the guys tell me what their favourite memory was.

Jeff's favorite memory comes from a game we played with my cousin Matt, and this is the story he told me.

An Explosive End

The plan was in place and there was much to be gained, but there was one thing the venomous assassin Spicer Jenasta (Jeff) did not account for: the stupidity of his comrades.

Spicer and his two comrades Merkel Glamaramacon  the Half-Orc Magic User (Elijah) and Wang Sen the Monk (Monk) had been tasked with the delivery of a very special package from the criminal organization running the Shining Dagger Tavern to some rival business interests - but Spicer had a better idea.

Instead he though that the explosive gift should be left in the middle of the tavern floor and kissed by a fireball launched from the hand of elijah’s wizard. This would ignite the package and eviscerate the criminal elite.

It seemed like a good plan, the only problem was that Merkel criminally inept and launched the fireball right through the front door without closing it. The resulting explosion blasted out through the open  door killing Spicer Jenasta and Wang Sen, as well as everyone inside the Tavern.

Surprisingly Merkel Glamaramacon survived the blast but was left completely unconscious. Welcome to Ivershill.
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