Memories of Ivershill: An Explosive End

Game Master: Andrew
Game Edition: AD&D 1st Ed
Players: Jeff, Elijah and Matt
Starting Level: 3
Current Level:3


Since Ivershill is a one off campaign, rather then doing a write up of each ridiculous night, I had the guys tell me what their favourite memory was.

This small tale is Jeff's favorite memory, and comes from a game we played with my cousin Matt when he came to visit one Christmas. This is the story he told me.

An Explosive End

After exploring the town of Ivershill the Human Assassin Spicer Jenasta (Jeff) and his two colleagues Merkel Glamaramacon  the Half-Orc Magic User (Elijah) and Wang Sen the Monk (Matt) had managed to discover the thief's guild for the first time. After finding the password and gaining entry, they were brought before the Guild Master, and given a simple task to preform. All they had to do was deliver an explosive package to a nearby Jewelry Shop that had been skipping on their protection money, light the fuse and return unscathed and unseen. Do this and they would become initiates of the Thief's Guild

It was a straight forward job, and there was much to be gained if they succeeded. But there was one thing the venomous assassin Spicer did not account for: pure stupidity.

Rather than deliver the package as intended, Spicer thought he had a better idea. Instead blowing up the jewelry shop, he figured that the explosive gift would be put to better use if left in the middle of the Thief's Guild's tavern floor and kissed by a fireball launched from the hand of Merkel Glamaramacon. This would ignite the package and eviscerate the criminal elite. Spicer would then step in assume command of the guild practically unchallenged. As the DM, it seemed like a short sighted plan (like how would they maintain the guild's contacts with everyone dead?), but I wasn't going to tell them that, and just watched it unfold.

Spicer quietly explained his plan to the Wang and Merkel. They would leave the tavern as though they were going to complete their quest. Then just before they left, Wang would throw the explosive package back into the room. Just before the magically sealed doors of the Guild closed behind them,  Merkel would toss a fireball in behind it igniting the package. Both Wang and Merkel thought it was a great idea, and sprung into action.

Wang's part of the plan went wonderfully, and the package landed squarely in the middle of the room. Merkel however kind of jumped the gun. Instead of waiting to launch the fireball just before the doors closed, he cast it as soon as Wang Sen threw the package leaving well within the bomb's blast radius. The resulting explosion blasted the party out through the open door killing Spicer Jenasta and Wang Sen and scattering their charred remains throughout the street. Everyone inside the tavern was killed as the bomb rocked the buildings supports causing it to collapse and crush anyone who survived the blast.

Surprisingly Merkel Glamaramacon was the only one lived. Thrown clear of the collapsing building, he was able to pass his spells save and only take half damage. He was left with a single hit point and ran into the night afraid the town would blame him for the deaths of some many and destruction of property.

And that was where we called it a night.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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