Elementia: The Epilogue

Game Master: Jeff
Game Edition: D&D 3.5
Players: Andrew, Dave, Elijah, Adam, Tom
Starting Level: 1
Current Level: 6-7


Jeff's Elementia Campaign, was the first Dungeons and Dragons campaign that he hosted and JADE's first game as a group. As Jeff's experience as a DM -and as a player in other campaigns- grew, he decided that he wanted rewrite this story into a new 2nd Edition adventure, focusing more on intrigue and dialogue than combat.

To that end, Jeff asked if I could write a fitting epilogue to the first tale. And I hope this suffices.


We left our party of Adventures: The Bard Cyrano de Bergerac (Andrew), The Barbarian Ghar (Elijah), the Elf Ranger Mäaar (Dave), the Cleric Hector (Tom) and the Elf sorcerer Lycien, after defeating a giant worm.

This one to be exact

They had been exploring the ruins of an ancient temple in search of a powerful artifact. They were racing against the evil Lord Vexes and time was running out. After encountering dozens of guards, solving puzzles, and slaying monsters, they were finally ready to claim their prize.

The had pulled a key off of the worm's head which clearly fit into a door on the other side of the chamber. Victory seemed assured.

We were really hoping to see this screen!


Ghar ripped the key from the worms head and held it aloft with a thunderous cry of victory! But it fell on deaf ears. The others were looking at the mezzanine above them, where no less fifty men with crossbows stood aimed and ready.

The silence was broken by a slow clap, as Capitan Keithra stepped out from the shadows, and into a commanding position, flanked by his crossbowmen.

Cyrano de Bergerac gave him a contemptuous sneer. Captain Keithra had chased them around the city for weeks now. Cyrano de Bergerac had always been able to give him the slip, but this time it looked like his luck had run out.

"The most wanted man in the city. And here he stands before me. You even slew the beast for me." Captain Keithra chest swelled with excitement. Finally he had caught his prey.

"No more tricks Cyrano, I will avenge my brother this time. Coward." Captain Keithra spat as he spoke the words his anger visible in the throbbing veins on his neck.

"Better a coward than a fool captain!" Cyrano jabbed. "Do you think Vexes' will give you a throne for all this? Or will you for ever remain his puppet?"

"Kill him!" Keithra commanded his crossbowmen.

Cyrano de Bergerac was struck though the heart by a crossbow bolt before he could even move. He fell dead as his compatriots fled for cover, but it was no use. The Crossbowmen continued their hail of bolts until each member drew their last breath.

Captain Keithra inhaled sharply, as his muscled tensed. The Bard was right. A man as obsessed with power as Vexes would never give away any of it. He would always be just a puppet.

"Clean up this mess." He snapped to his guards.

Then end.

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