Central Powers Parseval-Siegsfeld Type Observation Balloon

Although the Central Powers in the First World War did use the Allied Caquot Type Observation Balloons, they also came up with their own... Ummm... Let's call it a "unique" design...

To get the elephant out of the room right now. Yes it is remarkably phallic, and yes it does sort of look like a used condom. But I promise you that was what they actually looked like.

So like their allied counterpart, the Parseval-Siegsfeld type balloon is a flight balloon. That means it is designed to remain stable in high winds. Where the allied version used three fins and an oval shape, the Parseval-Siegsfeld type balloon, uses the wind to fill the bag underneath at the back. This provides the balloon with more stability as part of it is filled with the blowing wind itself.

I actually think it is a really cool design, despite how wang-like the balloon may appear.

There really isn't a lot of information about military observation balloons online. Most of what I can figure out comes from Wikipedia and snippets of articles that once found disappear back into the web never too be seen again.

I am not sure why I am surprised that there isn't a community of military ballooning enthusiasts online, but at the same time I am surprised.

So, regardless of its appearance, we now have a Central powers observation balloon so that we can do Allied-centric Balloon busting missions.

If you want your own Parseval-Siesgfeld Type balloon you can print your own with the model  from Thingiverse.

I can't wait to shoot one down.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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