JADE's New Monster Race Dice!

That's right! JADE's new Monster Race Die is out an ready for you to use in your D&D game! But of course everyone has questions and we are hear to answer them!

1. What is the Monster Race Die compatible with?

Our Monster Race die is compatible with D&D 5e and features the races listed as Player Character Races in D&D 5's Volo's Guide to Monsters Book.

To use it simply replace the Race Die in our Set II RPG Character Dice and roll up your new chareacter!

2. Is it available as an individual die?

Absolutely! In fact right now we are only selling them.

3. What D&D Races are on the die?

The Monster Race Die features the seven player character races that were introduced in the Volo's Guide. Those monsters are:

Lizard Folk

The 8th side is the JADE Reroll face.

4. There are other races with Player stats in the Volo's Guide, why only these 7 races?

So we debated doing a set of Volo's Monster Race dice to cover the all of the creatures VOlo's Guide introduces. However since the guys at Wizards of the Coast made a distinction between new monsters and new player character races in the book, we decided that we would to. 

That and we want to make sure that there is a clear difference between a Monster Die, and a Player Race Die.

5. How much is it?

Our New Volo's die retails $4.50 Canadian. That works out to $3.50 USD for our american friends.

6. Why is it black and will you be releasing the RPG Character Dice in black?

Just for fun! We thought everyone would appreciate a change from our usual white scheme. And we are definitely considering releasing out RPG Character Dice in a variety of different colours.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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