Allied Caquot Type Observation Balloons

For a long time I have wanted to do a Balloon Busting mission in Canvas Eagles, but I was never able to find the appropriate minis for the job. It seemed that they just don't make observation balloons in 6mm.

So I had to change my thinking, and started looking on Thingiverse, and low and behold they had just what I was looking for!

These Allied Caquot Balloons are a great model, and print beautifully. They come in two parts and easily fit together. Which made it easy to assemble and paint.

It was actually quite difficult to find a lot of information about these sorts of balloons online. There just doesn't seem to be any articles are books that discuss their design and implementation in great detail, but this was what I was able to figure out.

This particular design of balloon was developed by French engineer Lt. Albert Caquot, to resolve the issue of ballooning in high winds developed this style of "flight balloon" in 1915, and it was quickly adopted by all of the Allies.

Britain was apparently a little late to the game, but did eventually adopt it. I could find no information on whether or not Russia used them.

The title of "Balloon Ace" may not have been as coveted by pilots as being a "Fighter Ace" but there are many notable examples of them through out the First World War, and it was no easy task. Guarded by fighters, and hordes of artillery and anti-aircraft, an enemy observation balloon was only approached by the daring. 

Hopefully we will get to join their ranks in Canvas Eagles soon! I cannot wait to try these rules out, been a while since we added in something new from the book.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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