The 9 Stages of Playing a Warhammer 40k Game

Warhammer 40k, or any tabletop game really, can be a great experience and a roller coaster of emotions. From the joy of seeing your army setup and on the table, to the elation of victory and the crush of defeat!

So here are the 9 stages that everyone goes through when they play a game of Warhammer 40k

1. It's Exciting!

If you are anything like me you only get to play this game about once a month. Your buddies come over, it is a big event and it is going to take the whole day.  Excitement is in the air as everyone shows off new purchases, new minis finished or generally discusses new things they have discovered in  the rules.

These times are great! The mood is amicable and everyone is ready to throw down.

2. Oh Shit, We Should Probably Start Playing!

The guys that I play Warhammer 40k with aren't actually my usual JADE game group. They are the same guys I used to play 40k with back in High School, and again I only see them once a month, so we spend a lot of time chatting and catching up! 

Usually some one then realizes we should probably get going and a flurry of activity begins. The focus is there as people finish up their armies and get their forces ready for action.

3. This Game Takes Forever to Setup.

This is where your weakest players begin to break. Tabletop miniatures games take literally forever to get going. This is not for the weak of heart, and the larger the armies and the more players, the longer this takes.

The strategy for the game starts to unfold here, but also the cracks start to show, as some players try and hurry others so that they can get on with the game! Others move slowl and methodically setting up their force.

4. Ok We are Finally Playing!

The turn order is decided, and the rulers and measuring tapes come out and you are finally playing the game! Then.... Your spouse comes down and asks you who's winning. It has been three hours after all, and you to sheepishly tell them that you really only kinda, sorta, just got started.

Shaking their head they walk away. They will never understand, but at least you can get back to the game now.

5. Things are Not Going Well.

After a disastrous first turn, you morale is pretty shaky. But maybe, just maybe if you can regroup, you can pack enough of a punch to turn the tables once and for all!

The next few turns go quickly there are fewer models on the table and targets are being selected with more ease.

6. The Come Back of the Century.

Your strategy worked and a glimmer of hope rests on the horizon! It is only a matter of time beofre the game is over and victory is yours.

Despite your outward confidence this is a tense moment. A good or bad roll from the enemy could make or break you. You just gotta keep it together.

7. Oh My God This Game Takes Forever!

You have been playing this game for almost 8 hours at this point. Your feet hurt, your back aches from bending over the table, nerves are frayed, and now everyone is quibbling over the minutiae of rules.

This game needs to end soon. Dice are being thrown at each other and poor decisions are being made on the table. true fatigue has set in.

8. Ok Guys This is the Last Turn.

With everyone agreeing that regardless of what turn it is, this is the last one. A renewed spirit fills the room. The final pushes happen on the table and the strategies wind down as everyone pushes their armies into victory positions, or gets that final shot off that they have been planning.

With morale raised, things become much more cordial around the table again. It simply doesn't matter, you have probably already figured out who is going to win.

9. Good Game Everybody!

With the game likely decided by the end of turn two, the game wraps up quickly and you all reminisce about how well, or how poorly your army did. The smiles return and plans go to the future! 

Next weekend everyone agrees. And nodding you all promise that this month we will certainly get in more games! This never happens, and the monthly session gets rescheduled four weeks later.

And the cycle begins again.

So that is pretty much how my games go. How do yours pan out?

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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