John Applewood: A Character Sketch

During last week's game of Arachnophobia we had a good friend of mine Wesley, sit in and draw our characters. giving us some truly amazing Character sketches. This fellow is John Applewood the Greenwood Ranger.

John completed his quest to become a Greenwood Ranger 15 games ago and so was granted the miraculous transformation form human to Treant. While this has been an awesome transformation for the most part it has come with a downside. Unless their village has heard of such beings, most peasants react negatively towards John, or treat him like a side show attraction.

Even one of the party members - Jack Puddin - has tried to pick the apples that grow on John Applewood, and juggle with them. So being a treant has had it's up and downs but this is just life as a Greenwood Ranger

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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