Plague Marine Chaos Lord

Finding a suitable Chaos Lord for a Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marine Death Guard army can be a challenge. There just simply isn't that much out there to choose from. And since I am not much of a sculptor, I am forced to find myself a pre-made model to suit my purpose. Luckily I discovered this guy from Spellcrow.

Wearing slightly different armour than your standard Terminator, Spellcrow's figure suits the part of a unique leader, and has the imposing size to boot.

This guy stands slightly taller then Typhus, and is about as wide, making him quite the terror to behold. While his weapon kit is slightly different then what a terminator is usually armed with (ie a plasma pistol in this case), but since I don't play any tournament games this isn't a problem for me!

I am looking forward to fielding this guy, as a player I have never actually used a Chaos Lord in a death guard army, so it will be an interesting change! Looking forward to getting this guy out on the table! You can find Spellcrow's stuff on Ebay, and generally on any Warhammer Mini "Bits" sites.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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