JADE's Two New Warhammer 40k Armies (Finally!)

For years now the only Warhammer 40k armies that JADE had at the ready where my Death Guard, Sarah's Space Wolves and the badly damaged, and incomplete remains of my friend Wesley's Eldar Army  Even with these three options (since we only recently got the the rules needed to play the Eldar force) most of our battles for the pasted 4 years had revolved around the Space Wolves and the Death Guard. Frankly it was getting a little stale, and we needed some fresh forces and some more players to change things up.

So I am pleased to announce that after their last game, both Connor and Casey decided to snag Warhammer 40k Starter Armies! Connor has decided after humming and hawing to start a Necron force. Connor has long loved the Necrons, but never actually got into them as an army. So after years of indecision he finally took the leap. Casey decided to start an Ork Army. Aside from their goofy and fun aesthetic, he also read through each factions lore and decided that the Orks were the only faction that hadn't committed some terrible sin or made a horrific mistake in the past. They were simply war incarnate.

With these two new forces on the table (and another buddy of mine having recently bought a Space Marine Army), we should finally be able to change up the stories we are telling and the games we are are playing. So look forward to more battle reports to come! Featuring some new armies and with some new stories to tell!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

JADE's Two New Warhammer 40k Armies (Finally!) JADE's Two New Warhammer 40k Armies (Finally!) Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 6/29/2018 02:05:00 pm Rating: 5

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