Hirelings in 15mm

In Arachnophobia game 23, the party encountered the survivors of Barelydale: the town they had set out from way back in game 2. They were comprised of  the town priest named Sarah Harper, A halfling apothecary, and these two farm hands.

Sally Hampton, is a human from the Dale. Unfortunately in Game 23, she was killed by a Mimic in the Wizard of Darfield's Tower. So we never learned much about her.

Leos Kenshaw is a Half-Elf from Dale, who so far has kept to himself. The horrors of the trip here will not be easily forgotten, but he is willing to help Sarah Harper where ever she goes.

At the moment these characters are acting as hirelings, carrying objects for the players etc. But whether or not they will stay with the party is up in the air, as Sarah Harper might seek refuge with the Wizard of Darfield.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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