The Most Useful Gaming Item I Have Ever Bought

A few years back I purchased this tube of 200 5mm Assorted Colour Koplow D6's to deal with the growing number of dice I was needing for my Warhammer 40k games, little did I know they would become the most useful gaming item I had ever purchased.

I use them in 90% of the games that I play these days and they have some significant advantages over larger d6's.

1) They Roll Well

They are small and bounce around a bit giving a great random roll despite being very wonky. I have both rolled boxcars and snake eyes within a few rolls in the same game making for a wild and exciting match each time.

2) They are Great Game Markers

The varying colours and small size means that they are also useful to distinguish varying game effects. We use them to reflect initiative in 1st ed and 3rd D&D (that use d6 for initiative) by placing them behind the mini or on their base. We use them to mark different flight elements in Check Your 6! by placing them on the stands, we use them to determine setup borders, unit health, etc. etc.

3) They Don't Move Around

Despite their small size, bumping the table doesn't really effect them. They are small enough that you usually have to intentionally move them, meaning that you won't lose them easily and as markers you won't lose their place.

Dave put this little die on top of my monitor about two years ago and despite rocking my desk many times it has never fallen off
So whether you are using them as actual dice or just game markers, get your self a set of 5mm D6's. It has helped organize our table, and made that game life much easier.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

The Most Useful Gaming Item I Have Ever Bought The Most Useful Gaming Item I Have Ever Bought Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 2/20/2018 02:05:00 pm Rating: 5

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