Just a Plain Ol' 15mm Drawn Cart

Stolen in Game 17 of Arachnophobia from the Village of Warrem, this Cart was to serve as the mini for the ale and wine laden vehicle they lifted when the town was celebrating the 100th birthday of its eldest member: Grandma Nelson. They were only able to keep it for a single game before they lost it during the Penkurth Massacre.

The surviving members were forced to abandon it when they fled Sir Gavriel de Ponce and his men. That was now 4 days ago in game, and given they have entered the City of Darfield who's gates are now sealed in preparation for the coming spider invasion it is unlikely they will be returning for it.

I sadly have no idea where I got this cart from, but you will notice that the yoke and wheels are the same as on my 15mm Fantasy TARDIS. That is because I cannibalized the other cart in order to create the TARDIS. Think of it as 15mm kit bashing.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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