Old School Plague Marines

Back in the days when Games Workshop minis were all pewter they were still cranking out Plague Marines. Slightly different then the old Chaos Space Marines, these guy heavily featured gas masks and spiked helmets.

you can clearly see from these designs where Forge World got their inspiration from for their Death Guard Plague Marines. The plain and bloated Armour of the old Death Guard is a far cry from where they ended up these days.

I actually quite like many of the design elements of these 2nd - Early 3rd ed Plague Marines. The simple design of the armour and the archaic gas mask evoke images of ancient toxicity and I especially like the wood paneling on the sides of many of the weapons. It makes them look out of time; a feature I am glad to see returning to the newer minis.

Of course I am not going to argue that they are better sculpts than their modern cousins, simply that I actually quite like them in a nostalgic kind of way. And as a collector, this squad was a must have for my army.

I plan on mounting these guys in one of the Old Rhino Minis that many of you have seen on our Twitter and Instagram. Follow along there for more updates.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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