15mm Bandits

Bandits are a perfect villain for any low level campaign. They don't need to have armour and rarely have more then eight hit points: making them easy to kill. However, their own attacks are also often powerful enough to pose a mortal threat to the low level player character.

Bandits are also usually easy to work into stories as nothing more than a local and passing encounter. All in all a very versatile low level enemy for your players to face. However, there is one problem with bandits: they operate best in numbers. And when it comes to minis, numbers mean $$$.

That is normally true, but not if you get this bandits group from Splintered Light Miniatures.... They only cost $10 for the lot.

Now that being said, 10 bandits to paint in any scale is still 10 bandits. So it took me a while to get these 15mm guys painted. But I am glad I did. Back when I was still using 28mm I always ended up using a random assortment of player characters no one had chosen to represent my bandits, so it is nice to have minis devoted to the role.

They also make for great peasant fighters. This particular mini is Galen from our 1st edition AD&D campaign Hymns of a Vagabond. Galen is the self appointed protector of Carthen, and had an interesting role to play in Hymns of a Vagabond game 1 and 2.

I have tried to give my bandits a spread of different outfits. Making them seem from all walks of life. This fellow for example clearly had nice clothing at one point. Makes you wander what happened to him.

I really like the variety of weapons in  the Splintered Light miniatures Bandits. Allows you to give a sense of incongruity to the group, just the kind of thing a mish-mash band of robbers, thieves and murderers needs.

And while, many of the minis are in a running charge position. There are a few minis issuing challenges, or threateningly suggesting a detour; as this guy seems to be.  All in all there are just enough poses to add some spice to the scene.

And they have guys with spears! I love guys with spears!

This guy is definitely my favourite of the bunch.... Mostly because the eyes are just awesome. *pats self on back*

I think this guy is the silliest of the lot. I mean nice blazer and all... But what happened to your shirt?

This rag-tag ranger, works well as a hunter, or a sneaky bandit waiting to strike from the shdaows of the forest. Right now he is being used to represent the Half-Dwarven hunter: Sen, in Hymns of a Vagabond.

Our 10th and final Bandit in the group is this crazy looking guy. Definitely want to know his story. Though I doubt he would ever tell you.

All in all I love these minis, and I have used them dozens of times in game already (painted or not). I recommend anyone gaming RPGs in 15mm get a set.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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