#Characteroftheday: A Thank You

When we first made these dice, we never expected such an incredible response and have been absolutely flooded with orders for our #characteroftheday dice! You guys rock! And we hope taht you love them when you get your own set.

This past week has consisted of a blur of envelopes, and shipping labels. However, I am pleased to say however that we are finally caught up on all the orders! As of today, if you have ordered a set before the last 48hrs, your dice are their way!

We had orders from all over the world! Including Iceland and Austrailia! but as Canadians I would like to thank our American neighbours for their incredible support. I had no idea we were so well known down south! And as JADE Gaming, thank you all!

I hope you enjoy your sets when they arrive! And please let us know and facebook/tweet/instagram your first #characteroftheday roll and tag @jadegamingews.

With the huge overflow of orders out of the way I hope things will return to normal around here, and we can get back to some gaming. Hopefully you will see our usual minis and thoughts on gaming, including a expose on why it took us 18 months to bring the dice from the realm of imagination to reality!

Happy Gaming!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

And if you don't have your own set yet, you can get them here: https://jade-gaming.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/characteroftheday-dice
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