Necron Annihilation Barge

With the latest Psychic Awakening book out from Game Workshop I am going to have to rethink exactly how my Necron force is going to work. But in the meantime...

I painted this Annihilation barge some time ago, and I might as well show it off.

Keeping with my millennia of caked on dirt and rust theme I paint these guys up to match both my Overlord and Lord miniatures. I really wanted to do something a little different than the standard metallic scheme and also do something truly captures the immense age of the faction.

Before the Pariah rule set came out, Annihilation Barges were one of the few Heavy Support options that the Necrons could field at an affordable price. Not the best model, or unit in their faction, it was at least easy to configure into an anti-tank or anti-infantry option.

I went with the Anti-Tank., relying on other units in my army to tackle infantry. 

But with the new rules (which I have not read) I am really not sure if these things are even worth it any more.

And there you have the start of my little Necron force. Looking forward to exploring some of the new models in Pariah and making these guys into an effective fighting force.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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