Set II Factory Rejects are Back!

For months you have been asking when these will have more of these and we are glad to say our Set II Factory Rejects are back in stock!

When we get our dice produced all the way over in Shanghai there is always a small percentage that don't quite make the cut. These dice have missing or wonky faces, are badly inked, or have stains in the plastic. Not the sort of thing we feel comfortable slapping a label on a selling at full price, but for any gamer on a budget these are a great and unique way to get your own set of RPG Character Dice... If you don't mind the imperfections

We only get a few when we are sorting dice, and even then we don't get many. So get your own Set II Factory Reject Dice from the JADE Store while supplies last!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

Set II Factory Rejects are Back! Set II Factory Rejects are Back! Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 8/21/2018 02:05:00 pm Rating: 5

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