Ork Killa-Kegs

For Casey's pirate themed Ork army he wanted to do things a little differently. He loved the look and the idea of Killa-Kans but simply didn't feel they were "Piratey" enough. So one night while we were having a few beers we started tossing around the idea of how exactly we would "pirate-ify" them and the idea of creating "Kill-Kegs" came up. The can like body would be replaced with an empty wooded beer barrel with all the regular bits attached. Giving it a more pirate like appearance.

To create them we turned to my buddy Coy who has a 3d printer. And searching through Yeggi found a number of Killa-Kan proxy models and 3d wooden barrels. The original idea was to print off the different pieces and then assemble them with the barrel in place of the can, but coy was able to do us one further and print the entire thing as one unit.

So Coy was able to create us two different versions. They are not quite as bulky as the modern plastic Killa-Kans, having a much narrower stance at the base. This makes them closer in size to their older pewter counter parts but they work just as well.

In total we had 6 Killa-Kans made, which also helps bring Casey's start Ork army up to a reasonable points level. While the starting kits may be balanced using Games Workshops' Power Level system.... That system is nonsense and points wise it is about half the size of the starting Necron army that Connor bought.

Before painting these guys up Casey is going to start working on his Ork Boyz. Which I think is a good place to start for his first army.

Can't wait to get these and the pirate themed Orks out on the table!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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