JADE's 7 Tabletop Gaming House Rules

Over the almost 6 years that JADE has been around we have a established a number of household rules that help our table run smoothly. These rules don't always last, and are subject to review and change,but here are a few of them that have stuck around over the years.

1. Off the table is a re-roll.

We started this rule ages ago so that people wouldn't go chasing after dice that fell of the table in the cramped office of my old apartment. So we agreed that if you roll a die and it falls off the table you make the roll again. We found it kept the game flowing, and you can always look for that die later. Ultimately If it's not on the table its not in the game.

2. Anyone can ask to review anyone's rules.

Mistakes happen. We all make them and sometimes we make them when interpreting game rules. This rule follows the simple philosophy that if something seems too good to be true then it usually is. A fresh pair of eyes can often clarify a rule, and when everyone understands how it works the game flows better. 

On a side note, I have also found that when someone won't allow you to look up rules for their army/character they are intentionally cheating. Rules should be free and readily available to anyone who wants to seem them.

3. Everyone needs to agree on the game being played.

For JADE this is more in a general sense then a specific case by case way of handling things. If we are going to get into a game as a group, then before hand we need to make sure that it is something everyone is interested in playing. We learned this the hard way, where a number of the initial tabletop miniatures games JADE tried to play ended with a whimper as several players really had no interest in playing.

So whether it is board games, D&D, or any tabletop game, just make sure everyone is on the same page and wants to be playing what you are playing.

4. New characters are introduced to the D&D party at the lowest current level in the party.

Since we normally play AD&D these days and when you reach 0HP in AD&D you are dead no ifs, ands or buts we agreed to the above rule. When your character dies you do not have to start a level 1 character but may choose to introduce your new character starting at the lowest current level in the party. So if you have a party of four, where two are level 3's and two are level 2's and one of those characters dies then the player may bring in a new character at level 2 becasue that is the lowest level in the aprty.

We found this allowed us to maintain the difficulty level of the adventure, and didn't totally nerf players as they navigate through the adventure. It still sucks to lose a character as all that sweet equipment they've acquired normally gets divided among the surviving players, but it makes it a lot less of a set back for the game as a whole.

5. We are here to play.

Around the JADE table we help one another with strategy, we discuss the events and impact on the game as a whole from the previous turn, we help referee the rules for everyone, etc. etc. In short we are supportive players. Of course we are all playing to win, but none of us would dream of cheating or intentionally taking advantage of some one's lack of understanding of the game.

Cheesing rules, and bullying are not welcome at the JADE table. You come to play, you play best, and help everyone at the table achieve the same level of excellence.

6. Rules are corrected next game.

If you have been playing a game with a misinterpreted rule and someone discovers that's the case during game, then finish the game as you have been playing. Games can evolve and strategies may have been planned based on the misinterpretation, and there is no point in disrupting the flow of the game now.

Next game implement the discovered rule so that you are always working towards playing the game "right".

7. We keep track of wins.

Starting back in 2014 we began a huge list of every game that JADE has palyed and who won it. Who else played is not recorded, who lost is not recorded: just a game title and the number of times you have won that game.

Some people we played with have asked not to be included, and of course those people uncomfortable with the idea do not need to be recorded on the list in order to play with us. For these people they see it as a bad thing: something that bruises their ego I guess. However for us this is a list of elation. A list of victory!

So these few rules keep things going smoothly and have let us play over 500 games (not including RPG's) over the passed 5 and a half years..

What house rules do you guys have around your table?

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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