10mm Chaos Warmaster Army

The Chaos Army in all its Glory
A few weeks ago Mike from our Age of Heroes D&D Campaign gave me his old Warmaster Chaos Army thinking I could do something with it. An essential step when building any tabletop army is to figure out exactly what you can field, so last week I spent some time going over the rules, and now I am ready to start considering how this army works. I went over what units I have, how they are pointed, how this game's basing system works (IE how many units does each base of figures count as), and of course did an overview of the exact point value of this army.

My plan is to make a proxy army (of Dwarves or Orcs) to battles against these guys. I want to try this game before I commit to buy an entire other army. A bit of looking before I leap I guess. However in order to figure out exactly what I need to proxy I have to point out this Chaos force first.

Chaos Knights
The first unit I am looking at are these three stands of Chaos Knights. In Warmaster each unit will tell you how many stands a comprise "unit" and each unit is pointed as a group. So a unit of knights is comprised of 3 stands which means I have one unit of knights worth 200pts.

I can have a maximum of 4 Chaos Knight units per 1000pts in my army, so we are well within that threshold.

Chaos Spawn
These are probably the worst Chaos Spawn models I have ever seen. Even compared to the old Warhammer 40k Models these are pretty bad. But regardless, they are a unit in this Chaos army and are not to be underestimated!

Each individual stand of Chaos Spawns counts as its own unit (they use special deployment rules requiring them to be attached to other units). Each unit costs 110pts each, that brings the total for both of these units to 220pts, and the army total with the Knights and Spawn to 420pts. I am allowed two bases of Chaos Spawn per 1000pts in the army so we are right on the edge with these units.

Chaos Marauders
Marauders are Chaos' light infantry. This means that they are not as heavily armoured as their Chaos Warrior counterparts and thus are considerably cheaper to field. I currently have 3 stands of Marauders, and it is 3 stands to the Unit making the points total for this group a meager 60pts. That brings the chaos army with the Knights, Spawn and Marauders to a  total of 480pts.

There is no maximum number of Marauder Units that you can field, however every Chaos Army must have at least 1 unit present. So we have the box checked off!

Chaos Warriors
The undisputed backbone of any Chaos army are its Warriors. Heavily armoured and armed, Chaos Warriors are a sturdy Infantry unit with a little more power than your average bear. Like Marauders, Chaos Warriors are organized 3 stands to the unit. I have 9 Chaos Warrior stands so that means I have a total of 3 units. Chaos warriors are pretty expensive, costing around 150pts per units, so with my three units that brings their total to 450pts. Added to the army with Knights, Spawn Mauraders and Warriors that brings the total to 930pts.

Like the Marauders every Chaos army must have at least 1 unit of Chaos Warriors and have no upward limit. Since I currently have three we are good to go.

Chaos General
The only unit I am missing for this army is a General. Mike is currently searching through his stuff as he is pretty sure he has it somewhere, so fingers crossed that it turns up.

Every army regardless of its size must have an General on the field. You cannot field a legal army with out one. So knowing that we will eventually have to have this unit we can quickly figure out what it would cost to field: which is 125pts.

That brings this army's total with Knights, Spawn, Marauders, Warriors and a General to 1055pts. An excellent starting size to get into the hobby.

Next week I will be designing a Dwarf/Orc army to counter this force and then hopefully in a week or two after that I will get to try out my first game!

Seasoned Warmaster players, did I point my army correctly? Let me know in the comments below!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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