Plaguebearer Daemons

When I started playing Warhmmer and 3rd Edition was just about to go out of style, it was common for Chaos Space Marine players to use Daemons in their army. In fact a warhammer veteran at my local game shop as a teen recommend that I include them in my army at the time. Daemon forces in the older game were summoned in and could quickly turn the tide of a battle with an overwhelming melee strike wherever they appeared.

Well as time went on, and 4th edition was released chaos Daemons got their own Codex and were being slowly phased out as a choice for Chaos Space Marine players. In the 4th ed codex they were relegated to a small section in the back, giving "generic" Daemon stats. By the Time the 6th edition codex was released they were gone entirely.

I had a Squad of Older Pewter Plaguebearer Daemons from my old army, and wanting to increase that number from 10-20, I figured I would get a set of the the newer and in my opinion far nicer looking Plaguebearer Daemons.

While these fellows will work as actual Daemons for the older version of Warhammer 40k, when playing the newer editions of the game I often use them as Chaos Cultists with the Mark of Nurgle, or full on Plague Zombies as the case may be. I found they work perfectly for that role while still keeping the aesthetic of my Plague Marine Army

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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