Light Anti-Aircraft Positions

The First Mission in Check your 6! Jet Age's Crisis in Kashmir Campaign is called Stake Through the Heart and features an Indian bombing mission against Pakistani Tanks. These tanks are protected by two Canadair Sabres and 12 Light Anti-Aircraft Positions.

Six of these positions are real and six of them are fake. Only the Pakistani Player  knows which is which, and they are denoted by the coloured dots: blue means they are real, red means they are fake.

While the Indian FG5 Vampires have to hope they fly by more decoys, the Pakistani Player needs to remember which is which. Since these aircraft are going so fast, the AA positions will fire at anything that gets too close.

These base are from Fight's On! Miniatures, but as of writing this article their domain has expired. Fingers crossed they come back.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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