Aren the Glory Seeking Lord

In JADE's 1st ed AD&D Campaign Hymns of a Vagabond, the goblin army inches ever closer to reclaim the hold we took from them back in Game 13. We just finished Game 18 and with the discovery of a three dimensional paper-craft castle accessory to help us create the hold, our DM has told us that the confrontation with the goblin hordes is coming sooner rather than later.

To help us out a little, he added in this level 6 fighter named Aren. Originally conceptualized as an Aragon like character; this was all when Dave took control of the NPC, making him more of a brute.

Believe it or not, Aren is of noble descent and is in fact a Lord himself. However the call to glory and battle was too much for him to resist and he left his home to wander the lands looking for honour and glory. For the passed few months he has harassed the goblin scouting parties plaguing the area, until encountering Flint and Sen.

He joined them to fight a party of 16 goblins only for that venture to end in failure. Flint was seriously wounded, and Aren lost his Mother's Sword dropping it in the fight.

It three games for him to get his sword back but in Game 18 Aren finally recovered his sword, and officially joined the party. His strength and steel will be invaluable.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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