Sen the NPC Gets a New Mini

Before the first game of JADE's Hymns of a Vagabond Campaign, Adam the Dungeon Master realised that since I was going it alone I was going to need some help. So he created Senveyen Holt, a half dwarf on his father's side, and a hunter in the village. And so Sen, the Half-Dwarven Ranger was born. However, I didn't have a proper mini for him, only a bandit with a bow that I had rather lazily painted:

To me, it never captured how I imagined Sen, so I went looking for a good mini to fit the following qualities: A little chunky because he is a Half-Dwarf, and looking slightly odd. Much like Aeklius Flint's odd shield and simple wear, Sen needed to look like a slightly out of touch country bumpkin.

I think this mini gets the idea across far better than the previous one did.

Adam designed Sen as a character who wanted to leave the small town he grew up in and seek his fortune and adventure in the open world and find the home of his ancestors the Dwarves.

This new mini adds a hawk to Sen's repertoire, and how exactly that is going to worked into the story I am not sure, but Adam and I will work it out. Perhaps it can stand as a proficiency Sen is trying to work towards.

I really like this mini from Essex Miniatures, and it will likely stand as Sen for some time to come.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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