The Donks!

All the way back in Arachnophobia Game 10 (we just finished game 16) the party purchased 2 donkeys... Which we can't stop calling the Donks.

With plans to have the pull a cart they also purchased Yokes and all the needed gear. I then forgot to paint them for the next few months.

Since Arachnophobia's party currently has 9 members (4 player/5 NPC) with a variety of alignments (LG-NE) we don't just use the minis for the party in combat, we also use them to help take votes and sort through group opinions, dividing them among the different positions in the argument so we can keep the sides and stances clearly defined.

After these arguments the group would often separate; going their separate ways for a few days... And then an hour later one of us would realize that we "forgot about the Donks!" and we would have to stop and debate which group got to take the donkeys along with them.

Having minis finally put an end to that, and for the whole of game 16 they did not forget about them once.

These donkey miniatures come from Peter Pig maker of fine historical and not-so historical miniatures in the 15mm scale. I believe these two are actually from their "Western" line in one of the Chuck Wagons. However, they are worth checking out in any setting.

Now, if only our Chaotic Neutral Halfling Thief Zander would stop trying to eat them.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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