Attia Quinn the Gladiator

I should have had Attia Quinn, the Gladiator Slave that the party freed -back in Game 8- painted a while ago but for whatever reason I just wasn't in the mood for fantasy painting. However, I finally got it together and finished the Arachnophobia party's final NPC.

Attia has been trained as a gladiator her whole life, and seen many trials in the arena. She was on her way East to be sold to yet another owner when the caravan hee cage was in stopped at the Wolf's Head Inn.

Later that night, the inn was attacked by Giant Spiders and while the party fled they rescued Attia freeing her from the cage. Having no possessions, relatives, anywhere else to go, or anything to do she joined the party.

Attia is a skilled fighter, and will certainly make a valued edition to the group, once they are able to arm her. In 2nd Edition, Gladiator is Fighter Class, that levels as a Paladin/Ranger. Their main advantage is that they are proficient with all weapons, and instead spend their slots to become specialists with weapons. Where Fighters, Paladins, and Rangers can only have one weapon specialization that they choose at the start of character creation; Gladiators can specialize in as many weapons as they have free proficiency slots.

Attia's mini comes from Rebel Minis, makers of some fine 15mm Gladiators, and these weird 15mm Pirate Rats... Check them out!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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