Kevin Trall

Kevin Trall is one of the survivors from the spider massacre at the Wolf's Head Inn. He fled with the party after killing a spider himself, and got to know the group a little bit. as they travelled together through out game 10.

Kevin is Half-Elf (though he is embarrassed about that fact), and a potter by trade who had fallen on hard times. to make ends meet he took up a peculiar profession: As the Executioner in the town of Brightenholme.  Unable to live with himself any more he fled that title and his seeking redemption.

The role is admittedly slightly clich├ęd: that of the outsider and tortured Half-Elf, but he makes for an interesting addition to the party.

Kevin's mini is from Essex Miniature who does a wide variety of 15mm fantasy and historical figures. I do find their scuplts to make people a little squat, but in some case it works perfectly, and in this case I love this mini from their peasants collection.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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