Last Week With JADE: Finishing the To-Do List

Last week was a big week for JADE. We finished a few titles we had been meaning to get through and truly started to plan the fall gaming season.

The gaming week started with us playing our first game of Tammany Hall. Tammany Hall is a little bit of special game for JADE because Jeff has been talking about ever since he discovered it way back in 2011, a year before JADE began. So it has been greatly anticipated.

Well, last month he decided to finally pick up a copy and on Wednesday we gave it a try! I have to say that it was fantastic! Tammany Hall combines the area control of a game like El Grande with the ruthlessness of any military strategy game. I will definitely be doing a glowing review soon.

On Thursday my cousin Adam and I sat down and went through the rules and ideas we plan to implement in our upcoming 1st ed. AD&D campaign, which is now called: Hymns of a Vagabond. With any luck my Character Raiek Elden will survive the lower levels of his epic quest and go on to be a character of legend... And perhaps even achieve the lofty goal of becoming a 1st ed. Bard! But only time will tell.

I hope to have all of the minis and Adam hopes to have a decent amount of the world generated by the end of the month, if not sooner.

Perhaps the the biggest news that JADE has to share is that we finally finished our Traveller Campaign: Interstellar Exports! We have been playing that game since November of 2014, and still only managed to get 10 games out of it: Such are the difficulties involved scheduling games as an adult.

However, as the games referee, I was very pleased with how the game ended. The guys played a fantastic game; role playing, and thinking their way through situations before they started unloading with their weapons.

I will make sure that the game description for Games 8, 9 and 10 of Interstellar Exports get up on the blog soon so you can follow the adventure!

Every time JADE finishes a campaign, we take a vote on which game we are going to play next. Every tells the group of the various campaign ideas that they want to propose and we all pick our three favourites. The most commonly selected campaign becomes our next game, with any ties being settled by a further round of voting.

The ballots were cast last night after the game, and Jeff's second rendition of Elementia was voted in as JADE's official campaign! The new version of the game will be using the 2nd ed. AD&D rule set, and I will be reprising my roll as the infamous Cyrano de Bergerac. Needless to say, I am quite excited!

I am not sure when we will get to play the new Elementia, as we all agreed that it was time to take a break from the past 30 months of RPGs and focus on the many, many board games that we still have yet to play as a group!

So up next on JADE's docket is the Portal board game, probably followed by either Terra Mystica or the Battle for Kemble's Cascade.

Follow along with us this week for more fun and games, and as always: Happy Gaming!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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