Last Week With JADE: Board Games!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, but again our professional lives have gotten in the way of game. However inspite of it all, last week our friend Tom came down from Kenora ON, to visit his family for Canadian Thanksgiving, and of course to play some games with JADE in Toronto. And did we ever play games! Over the course of two days we played 6 games, two of which I had never played before!

Last Thursday, Tom and I played a Round of Clash of Cultures, Tactics II, Caverna the Cave Farmers and Struggles of Empire. I won Clash of Cultures and Tactics II, while Tom won both Caverna the Cave Farmers and Struggles of Empire.

Tom brought over Clash of Culutres and I loved it! It reminds the Sid Meier's Civilization The Board Game, with a more controlled direction of play: your objectives are laid out for you rather than a race to achieve one of four first. I will definitely be adding that game to my collection in the future.

Well deserving of its 3rd best game ranking on BoardGameGeek.
After our four game marathon, this past thanksgiving Monday Jeff, Tom and I got together for another round of Clash of Cultures and to play a blast from our past: Pirates of the Spanish Main.

I collected Pirates of the Spanish Main back in high school and honestly hadn't thought much about it since. But while Tom was going through some of his old stuff he had left at his parents place year ago, he found an old tin box full of his ships. I still have no idea where my ships are and I may have given them to Tom, but I honestly can't remember! Either way it was a great game to play again.

Both Clash of Cultures and Pirates of the Spanish Main games were epic and Tom and Jeff fought well, but I was able to snag the victory in both, having more victory points in Clash of Culutres, and having a higher value of coins in Pirates of the Spanish Main. Well played all!

Last week was a great run through some games and I can't wait until Tom comes back down again!

It has been a while since I thought about this game!

My birthday is on Thursday this week, and I am taking the day off! My friend Wesley is coming to join me and he and I are playing a round of Star Trek Attack Wing, and probably a couple other games!

I will keep you all posted, and of course check our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to follow along!

And as always Happy Gaming!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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