Raiek Elden

For most of the summer, my cousin Adam and I have been planning an grand first edition AD&D campaign. I wanted to play a 1st Ed game using all of the advanced, and extend rules. You know: Hypothermia, Comeliness, Non-Weapons Proficiencies, Every Weapon modifier, realistic travel, food consumption, honour, and so on. I wanted to earn an awesome character and really put myself to the test. I wanted to grow as a player, and experience a level of using the rules that Jeff, Dave and Elijah just wouldn't be willing to put up with. And hey, it's no for everyone.

Adam was also luckily interested in doing something a little more intense, and agreed to host a campaign. All I had to do was figure out a character I wanted to be and a general feel for the world I wanted to play in. Adam would do the rest.

It took me ages to come up with what I wanted to be, but in the end I went with a fighter. A boring choice I know, but I wanted something that gave me a lot of choices and the potential to become a bard. Being a bard in 1st Ed is no simple feat, and requires you to be at least a 5th level Fighter and Thief before you may take up the class. It seemed a worthy goal.

Coming up with a name for my character also took me ages. After a few days, I came up with Raiek Elden, after mixing and mashing some randomly generated names and sounds. I quite like it, it's memorable without being ridiculous. A good choice for the serious tone of the upcoming campaign.

I then spent 9 hours over the course of 3 days, reading all the rules I was going to use, and designing my character. His weapon kit, inventory, stat placement, secondary skill, non-weapon's proficiencies, and so on were thoroughly researched and balanced to maximize their potential, and fit my character's back story.

Raiek Elden is the son of a poor farmer and his wife. He is regularly beaten by his father and ignored by his mother. Both of his parents are known as the town drunks in their small village, and their household was a failing one. Raiek Felt trapped by that life and shortly after he turned 18 he ran away from home. The night of his departure is where we pick up his tale.

The mini I chose is from Splintered Light Miniatures and is part of their 15mm bandits. This guy normally doesn't have a vest on and is shirtless, so I had to add that feature with some green stuff.

I am also experimenting with doing eyes at the 15mm scale. As one can understand, it is quite hard. So I know that he is a little crossed eyed, but for some reason I am ok with it; it seems to fit.

I have been asked for a size comparison. So here is Raiek compared to a quarter.
With any luck I will get better with the eyes as I do more experimentation and practice.

I hope to grow Raiek Elden into something beyond his meagre beginnings, perhaps into a legendary character. Hopefully this will not be the only form Raiek Elden takes, and we will see him grow into an epic hero in game, and in miniature.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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