Battlefleet Gothic Chaos Iconoclast Destroyers

For my Chaos fleet in Battlefleet Gothic, I have been experimenting with the various escort vessels to see which ones I like the best. And I have to say that I do like the Iconoclast Destroyers.

I do not however actually have any of the Games Workshop models. Instead I bought some interesting and fitting ships from Shapeways. Trust me it is a great place for Battlefleet Gothic stuff!

Originally I had planned to use these guys as Idolator Class Raiders, but they were just a little bit too small to fit that description. And so featuring forward facing batteries, I decided to use them as the smaller Iconoclast Destroyers instead.

Frankly I don't have enough of them to truly make them worth it yet. But I imagine they could be deadly in a swarm!

And at only 25-30pts (depending on the version) it would be quite easy and cheap to field a host of them. Perhaps I will look into getting some more!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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