Last Week With JADE: Magic Cards and FAN EXPO!

Last week was an exciting week for JADE! With guest month behind us, we decided to gear down and start playing a few tabletop games that weren't RPG's. We all find switching between so many campaigns a little much, and we like to take a break after guest month, and reaturn to JADE's roots of magic cards, board games and miniatures.

So last Thursday Jeff organized a small Magic the Gathering Tournament with some of his work friends and the guys from JADE. With Jeff's friends only recently getting into the game, it was great opportunity to see some of the new cards Magic has to offer, and see some really interesting strategies from some awesome new players!

We will definitely be playing with them again!

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of last week was Toronto FanExpo. Every year we look forward too geeking out hard at the convention, and this year was no different! However what did make this year particularly exciting was that we we handed out a few of JADE's #characteroftheday dice!

If you found Dave in his JADE shirt then we gave you a die! We had a few winners, check our twitter feed for details!

For those following us on Twitter they will know that everyday we roll our 3rd, 3.5, and Pathfinder Character dice to create the character of the day. Since so many people have been asking where to get the limited edition dice from Chessex, that we decided to make our own! The full set will be available at the end of September 2015, but at  FanExpo we handed a few Jumbo Versions of the Race die to anyone who could find us!

And for those that could not be there, here is a sneak peak of a Jumbo Race Die (26mm).

We are all very excited to get these dice to you as soon as they are at their highest quality! So stay tuned!

We all had a great time at Fan Expo scoring some sweet statutes, comics books, rulebooks and miniatures: a great year!over all!

This week I am off on a vacation to beautiful British Columbia, but of course the games will keep getting played, so keep checking in for some interesting articles and fun miniatures!

And as always, Happy Gaming!

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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