The Barbarian Robert E. Howard

I have had this barbarian mini kicking around for some time now, but he never had a place to fit in. Originally I created him as a 2nd ed AD&D character called Wulfmaer, but he never had a campaign to belong to. So there he sat, waiting on my shelf in miniature player character limbo.

When Elijah created his Maze of the Minotaur "Filler" Campaign, I finally had the perfect place to take him out, although this time as a D&D 3.5 character.

I named him after the creator of our favourite barbarian (Conan), Robert E. Howard. He has an older Brother name Raymond E. Howard, and the two make quite the fighting pair.

Robert E. Howard likes to fight with his hands, and wrestles with his enemies as often as he can before finishing them off with a mighty blow from his Great Sword. A truly vicious character, and one of my favourite to play

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