NuCoal General Purpose Squad

Dave has a particular love of anime robots, and who can blame him!? So when he was asked to bring a miniatures game to the group, he chose Heavy Gear: Blitz! Locked & Loaded by Dream Pod 9.

Dave's faction is NuCoal, they are the reminiscences of the Colonial Earth Force (C.E.F.); a faction that failed to conquer the planet of Terra Nova, where Heavy Gear takes place.

NuCoal combines the technology of the C.E.F. and Terra Nova to deadly effect.

They have both the ability to walk on the ground, and hover just above it using powerful jets in their feet. This makes them one of quickest factions in the game.

This is Dave's General Purpose Squad (GP). Every General Purpose Squad is made of 5 standard gears (robotic suits). For NuCoal those gears are called Chasseurs.

Chasseurs, are not the most common Gear type on Terra Nova, but do use standardized parts from all over the planet.

Every Gear can be equipped with a few different weapons options. From Light Auto-Cannons, to Grenade Launchers, racket launchers and beyond. allowing for a different kit every time. For his Group Dave Chose 3 Light Auto-Cannons, 1 Medium Auto-Cannon, and 1 Grenade Launcher

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