Rumples: The Chaotic Evil Halfling Fighter

For Dave's first official run in Ivershill, (aside from the small test he did with Adam and I) he wanted to use the character dice to generate his character.

This was his roll:

And thus, from the darkest depths of the earth, Rumples was born! Dave immediately threw down a sketch of Rumples murdering a small child, and Ivershill's first evil party took to the table top.

Rumples was killed by one of the Guardians in the elven forest, after he had murdered a merchant and endangered one of the trees the Elves' houses are built in; stopping his reign of terror.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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  1. If anyone knows where they still sell those dice, I'd love to get some... currently I have only found the Class Die & that was from across the ocean at UK storefront's website.