The Gargantuan Spider

While this little fella might now seem like much to a regular size person, in the 15mm world this thing is a true monster! It stands 12-15ft high (to scale) and has a devastatingly poisonous bite.

JADE first encountered this is beast in our Arachnophobia Campaign, while trying to wake a sleeping Colossus to help save a forest from destruction. It was a great fight, with a few close calls! But in the end they slew the monster and saved the day.

This model came from Splintered Light Miniatures and is in one of their Dungeon Encounter Packs. He is a little difficult to put together as a mini, and you will need to adjust the legs accordingly to get him to balance properly, and make sure you have at least a 40mm base like I am using. I don't think it would fit on anything smaller.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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