The 9th Minotaur's Maze

Game 9 of Maze of the Minotaur was a strange. rather then throwing endless streams of high level monsters for us to test our metal against, this game featured more traps, and monsters with varying levels of health regeneration to test what works.

Needless to say we powered through this dungeon; aided by no small amount of luck that we happened to pick the right direction at every turn.

Elijah, the DM, creates these maps either on the fly or with only a few days preparation giving Maze of the Minotaur a light and fun feel through out it all. We always look forward to the next game!

Written by: Andrew Gregory
Map by: Elijah Fetter
The 9th Minotaur's Maze The 9th Minotaur's Maze Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 6/15/2017 02:05:00 pm Rating: 5

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