6 Monsters Everyone Should Hate in D&D

Written by: Andrew Gregory

We have all faced that one monster while scowling the depths of a Dungeons and Dragons game: The one that sends a shiver down your spine at the mere thought of encountering. Whether it has slain you in the past, humiliated you with its superior powers or is just plain crazy powerful, everyone has a D&D monster they hate.

These are the 6 monsters you should hate in D&D:

Rust Monsters

Swords, metal shields, armour, metallic magic items, family heirlooms; Rust Monsters eat them all. Sure there is a chance that your magic equipment will be spared... But its little comfort when all your basic metal supplies turns to rust.

Used by DM's to throw the party’s inventory into chaos, a rust monster is just about the last thing you want to meet at any level.


All in all Mimics actually aren't that bad. Sure they are a bit to handle for a lower level party, but for a med level group it shouldn't be a problem... That is, if DM's didn't use them to trick you into a sense of false security or to make you paranoid that every piece furniture is in fact a monster in waiting.

The bane of any wounded party - hoping that the chest they just found is a full of healing potions, and not sharp teeth; Mimics can pick off wounded stragglers and those not cautious enough to look before they loot.


Life Drain, Level damage, Stat Damage, impervious to non-magical weapons (and only half damage if those magical weapon aren't silver in some editions). Wraiths are a nightmare to encounter for any character, and you will likely lose the fight unless you are prepared!

It is best to avoid these incredibly dangerous creatures unless you are armed with a regiment of priests, or have a death wish.


We have all been unlucky, but being unlucky in an encounter with a basilisk can mean being turned to stone. Sure there are number of ways to cure this affliction, but for many players this means the end of the line for their character as it would take the whole party to carry the dense stone statue that was once a player character to safety.

I myself have fallen to this prey to this, and was only saved by the virtue of having a high level priest in my party. So be prepared.

Gelatinous Cubes

These damn things are just annoying. They block the hallways, silently and almost invisibly oozing towards you: all with the intent of engulfing and digesting you. And honestly there is little more humiliating then being bested by Jello.

I hate these things and always attack them with extreme prejudice when encountered.


Dragons are a very powerful monster. They are huge, they are tough, they are strong, they are intelligent, they have magic, and on top of all that they can fly... Oh! Did I mention the breath weapon?

Despite being a titular monster of D&D, Dragons are one of the more powerful creatures in the game and should not be approached without care. One dragon is more than enough to give you a total party wipe out that you will be talking about for years to come.

What monster do you hate from the pages of the Monster Manual? Let us know in the comments!
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